Solar Installation Leads – Bridging The Gap Between Contractors And Consumers

The solar industry has become highly competitive worldwide. If you work within this industry, you will easily understand what we mean. Federal, state and local governments are encouraging businesses and households to invest in renewable energy by offering incredible financial incentives. In addition to government subsidies, the plummeting component costs have rendered solar power an increasingly cost-effective solution.

Given the benefits and reasonable cost, large numbers of consumers are considering solar power installations for their home and office spaces in varied forms such as heaters, vehicles, cookers, inverters and lighting systems. Though this sudden surge in the number of residents opting for this renewable source of energy is a healthy sign, it has given rise to certain situational problems. The most important being the demand outperforming the supply. In reality, there are enough contractors to fulfill customer requests however; there is no proper channel connecting the two.

This is where solar lead generation companies come in. They help bridge the gap between contractors and consumers by providing high-quality, responsive solar installation leads to businesses and helping customers locate dependable contractors to handle the task for them. One can call it a solar marketing strategy.

How are solar leads generated?

The service is paid one. Installers have to set up an account with the lead generation company to get leads. A lead is information about a potential sales contact. Leads are forwarded to contractors via email or text messages. Solar installation leads are collected in the same way potential customers are targeted for other businesses. Majority of them are generated online. They are sourced from search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, social media marketing such as Facebook and Twitter, banner ads and through Pay Per Click campaigns.

Types of Solar Leads

Companies offer several kinds of solar leads. The types common to most are explained below.

  • Exclusive: This information is sold only once or to one solar installer.
  • Multi-sell / Non Exclusive: In this type, information about potential sales contact is resold to customers. Most companies limit reselling to 3 contractors.
  • An appointment lead: This is an actual appointment between solar installers and potential clients.
  • Live transfer calls: These calls go straight from the company’s call center to the installer or his sales staff. This category includes consumers ready to buy solar systems.

The Benefits

  • Solar installation companies operate round the clock to provide necessary support to its members.
  • Leads are screened before they are distributed. They are required to meet strict standards.
  • They offer great flexibility. Potential sales contacts are generated keeping in mind contractors specific needs and concerns.
  • Most companies have a very competitive cost structure. This enables you to maintain a cheap yet highly effective business marketing strategy.
  • As a contractor, you have full control over your account. The most important advantage is the ability to control leads.

So, if you are a solar energy installer looking to grow your business by finding new customers, this is a good, cost-effective strategy. It enables you to increase profits with minimum investment of time and effort when it comes to marketing your solar installation business.